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Email Strategist and Personal Branding Consultant

I can help you in 3 ways:

  • Building a personal brand that attracts your audience

  • Crafting strategies to grow your email list through organic channels

  • Monetizing your audience with story-based emails and strategies.

Noman Shaikh Copywriter
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This is me

I'm Noman Shaikh.

I've helped my clients get over 3 M+ views. My strategies have helped them get 258 email sign-ups in two days, and 70+ MQLs in a week.

And, I've activated leads worth $11,800 with two emails.

Email  Strategy

Content   Strategy 
Personal Branding Consultant

LinkedIn and Twitter  Ghostwriting 

 Email List Growth Strategies

Keyboard and Mouse

a mad and crazy lover of psychology, writing and marketing.

Owning a Business is not easy.

You have to look at every aspect of it.

Marketing. Operations. Recruiting. Managing finances.

( I don't want to get started about the work-life balance)

Do you know where most businesses struggle?

Getting new customers and taking the existing customers to next level.

You have done a great job. 

You have this amazing product (or Service).

You know this could help your prospects. You know they would be more happy using it, they deserve it.

Yet, Your prospects just don't seem to understand your product.

That is where I come in...


I help you reach your customers with a message which makes them understand what you are offering and make them take action.


How do I do that?

I suck at football. I never made it to high school team (Ask my mom about the times she's cleaned my broken knees).

I wasn't very good at studies either, exams scared me. 

I'm no good at them, But when it comes to writing words that sell,

I know how it works. 


I follow the core principles of copywriting, marketing, psychology and persuasion. 


I perform and get you results.


What I could do for you?


Give your brand a voice with amazing names, taglines, and slogans.

Engage your prospects with Web Copywriting,

Increase your sales with ad copy, emails, Facebook ad copy, Sales letters, Video sales letter (VSL) copy, and landing page copy.


I can help you with engaging Blog posts which help you convert.


I am an engineering graduate which gives me a strong edge on Technical research and copywriting. Being a psychology lover has made me passionate about topics relating to it, like persuasion, human behaviour, marketing, self help and mental Health.

People say I am easy to talk with, they say I help them come up with amazing solutions to their marketing problems (and 

So, Why don't we talk​?​​


Deepika Shah, Mindset Coach 

"He is amazing at what he does"

Companies create an emotional bond with their clients through words.


If your copy is missing those touches and only speaking how good your product is. That's when Noman can help.


He strings pearls of words to  your offering and makes an everlasting impression. He is amazing at what he does.


Nicola Fenton, Director,
Speaking Minds

"He's got good writing style and writes with plenty of research"

I worked with Noman and his team for a variety of social media campaigns in 2018/19.

I found Noman to have not only a good style of writing but he had obviously done plenty of research on the subjects he was tasked with resulting in well structured and crisp content. Noman was always prompt with his contributions and always pleasant and easy to talk to when discussing briefs

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