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3 Website Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

Startups are short on funds. They look for opportunities to save some bucks wherever they can.

You either write the website copy yourself or you hire some content writer who’s getting the job done at low prices.

It’s completely fine and good when you, the business owner, writes a copy for your website.

After all, who else could know your product better?

Hiring a content writer is fine too, as long as they know what they are doing.

While you think you’re putting your best foot forward with your website copy, you later realize that website won’t convert.

This blog talks about the copywriting mistakes that reduce the conversion rate of your website.

Copywriting Mistake: Use of Industry Jargons

There’s this misconception that we have, we think using smart words, difficult words, or the industry jargon will make us look smarter and better.

Here’s the thing, no one wants to go through a dictionary or google every difficult word when they’re on your website. If they’re finding words on your website too difficult to understand they’re subconsciously going to feel stupid about themselves. And, no one purchases from a person who makes them feel stupid.

Moreover, using industry jargon bores people.

Don’t tell me how your product is accelerating exponential growth using ultra-sensitive supervisory machinery operated by python programs.

Tell me what you do, as you would explain to a 15-year-old or your grandma.

Copywriting Mistake: Being Obsessed with Your Product

Talking about yourself or your product is no doubt that way to persuade prospects to invest. But, here’s the thing, no one cares about you or your experience. Everyone cares about themselves and how your product could help them live better lives.

Your prospects could feel it when you are too self-centric.

Instead of telling, “We have 15 years of experience in the software industry” tell them, “You get a team with 15 years of experience working to solve your problems”

Just making such a simple tweak, using “You” more than "we" and "I" makes the reader feel it was written for them.

If you notice this blog, you see it’s written just for you.

Copywriting Mistake: Giving a Mixed Message - Writing Copy For Everyone

I’ve had clients reach out to me for writing a website homepage copy for both their buyers and sellers.

You could do it with a proper strategy. But, most of the time it doesn’t work from a conversion point of view.

The website copy with mixed messages would look good on the surface. You think there’s nothing wrong. But, when you think with your prospect’s point of view. You realize you’re confusing your prospects.

When you’re trying to sell your product to different segments of people, you should give a clear message to everyone.

For example, if you’re selling a SaaS platform for Cab drivers and Cab riders.

You should be having a different message and offer for the drivers and different for the riders.

When you give the offer through a single page, you confuse them both. Dropping your conversion rate. You could easily draft different landing pages for different segments.

Some brands have different landing pages for different age groups and different landing pages for their visitors who come through Facebook ads, google ads, or direct. You could at least strategize your web copy for different segments.

Final Thoughts

Your website copy is as important your head in your body. You can't exist without it. You get one chance to hook your visitor with your product. If you make a mess at your first go, with some silly mistakes, you might lose your prospect forever.

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