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These Three Editing Techniques Will Make Your Copy Much Better

Good writing comes from editing. I haven't seen any great writers claim their first drafts are amazing.

In fact, they talk about how crappy their first drafts usually are.

The power comes from editing it.

Today, I'll share three editing techniques that help me make my copy much better.

Approach Your Draft With Fresh Eyes

This editing technique is recommended by Bond Halbert and Ben Settle and many other successful writers.

When you approach your first draft with fresh eyes, you are looking at your copy from a different perspective. This helps you spot mistakes.

The more time you let your copy rest the better you will edit later.

Cut Down The Words By 10%

Stephen King calls this the 10 percent rule.

Let your copy sit for a while and when you are back eliminate 10 percent. As you start doing this you will realize there is a lot of fluff in your writing. This will make your writing more clear and crisp.

Read Out Loud

This editing technique is recommended by Austin Kleon, Bond Halbert, and Ben Settle.

It will save your copy from bad sentences, bad grammar, and bad words. And, help you with your voice as well.

This technique is guaranteed to make your writing smoother for your readers to understand.

As Joe Sugarman says you need to have a flow of slippery slides. Reading out loud will help you do that.

Wrap Up

These three editing techniques are simple, easy and powerful. You will start noticing your writing get better within a few days of practicing these.

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