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3 Best Ways To Start Conversations on LinkedIn

You’re starting to feel stuck on LinkedIn.

You’ve tried to connect with your prospects. And, they're not responding to your invite. If they do, you struggle with starting a conversation that will build the relationship.

Whether it’s for selling something, networking, or asking for a job opportunity, it gets difficult to send out the first message.

Moreover, the pressure of making a good impression holds you back from sending anything at all.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to initiate a conversation on LinkedIn.

We’ll talk about how business owners and freelancers could get opportunities through Linkedin. This certainly applies to anyone seeking a job or seeking investments for their product or networking.

Before we dive into how to start a conversation, let’s go back for a second and talk about how to make sure your connection invite is always accepted.

How To Make Sure Your Connection Invite Is Always Accepted?

One word. Personalize.

This is very obvious, yet, very few people do it. Add a personalized note when you send a connection invite.


Hey Jon,

Your recent post about {topic} was insightful. Would love to connect with you.



Example: 2

Hey Dave,

Congratulations on receiving the seed funding for your startup. I’m sure you’ll be among the top startups this year.

Hoping to connect with you.


Got the gist? Good.

Let’s move on...

What is the WORST way to start a conversation on LinkedIn?

Let’s start with the WORST way to start a conversation…

A few days back I received this message from a connection. He sent this to me as the very first message, the same day we connected.

It read “Please like our LinkedIn page. Link: {Link of the LinkedIn company page}”

I’m sure he has annoyed more than a hundred people doing this.

(I felt sad for the guy and sent my two cents of advice about how he should do this instead, which we’re about to discuss below.)

Please don’t send them your pitch on the very first message. No one wants that. And, it won't work unless you're Elon Musk.

3 Best Ways to Start Conversations on LinkedIn

Here’s the right way to start a conversation on LinkedIn

1. Comment about their work/business

Do some good digging about their business and look out for something you could genuinely discuss with them.

For example: If they have recently launched a new product let them know what you think about it and end it with an open-ended question.

2. Ask for advice

I feel like LinkedIn is the only social media with some positivity left. I’ve reached out to people asking for guidance and they’ve never let me down. They’ll either help you out or share some resources that’ll help you figure it out. Once you’ve started a conversation, start interacting proactively.

I've had a small chatting session with popular copywriter Eddie Shleyner, where we discussed my newsletter.

3. Send them some resources that could help them.

Once you’re notified about being connected with someone, start by sending a note to thank them for connecting. Once you’re done with that lookup for something they could use right now. I’ve sent out resources like eBooks, detailed articles, newsletters, and links to LinkedIn posts that could help them in some way.

If you’re a writer, make something targeting a problem of your target audience, it will do two things: Help them and build your authority.

Final Thoughts

There is no right way to initiate a conversation. Be creative and explore what works best for you. After all, it’s you who’s going to continue with the conversation.

The key is to personalize and be authentic.

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