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How to use Popups to get more sales for your eCommerce Website

Popups could do one of the two things for your eCommerce store.

They could help your business generate more leads and sales or they could push your visitors back from your eCommerce Website.

How could Website Popups benefit you?

If you have strategically placed your popups, with the right copy.

They work.

Tiger Mist made an increase of a whopping 40% in email subscribers.

ZooShoo increased their revenue by 7%, almost 5000 email subscribers, who later purchased in just two months.

So, if you think popups are unnecessary and do not work. Please rethink and re-learn.

That said. How could Popups push your visitors and make them cringe and never come back to your website?

Bad popups with zero strategies will kill your conversion rates.

In this blog you’ll learn two things:

  1. Mistakes with eCommerce Popups

  2. How to use popups for more leads and sales

(and not so secret bonus)

Mistakes with eCommerce Website Popups

Bad popup timing

Popping up too early nor popping up too late is advisable.

You need to think about visitors of your eCommerce Store as you would think of visitors at your brick and mortar store.

Do you like it if you enter a retail store and a sales guy jumps in front of you?

Probably not.

Avoid your website popups from being too early.

Either use time as a trigger or scroll.

Popping up too late is a bad idea too. You want to go in when they are acquainted but not so ready yet. Like when they have browsed 35% of your website.

An exit popup is a different thing, We’ll talk about that later.

Asking too much

Your ‘ask’ has to be small. Popups with one or two inputs work the best.

Asking too many questions might annoy your first-time-ever visitors.

Make the process easy and effortless for them. People are lazy. They associate pains by answering too many questions. They immediately search for the close button.

Which brings me to the next mistake…

Hard to find and impossible close buttons

Let’s come back to our analogy of treating your eCommerce store as you would treat your brick and mortar store.

How would you feel if the sales guy doesn’t just leave your back as you browse through the different options at the store?

I don’t know about you. But, I get annoyed.

You want them to leave.

You want to make it easy for your visitors if you want them to be there on your eCommerce website.

Using hard to find close buttons or those tiny buttons which are hard to click or worse, like having no close buttons would make your visitors bounce back from your site. Congrats! You have successfully annoyed them and they are never-ever coming again.

Bad Design

Design matters.

(The above website updated their design, Thank God.)

If you are going to be interrupting your visitors, you better be good looking.

Bad Copywriting and Irrelevant Offer

The advantage you have with popups is that the visitor stops and takes a look at it. It's your opportunity to do something.

Using bland copy with no objective or having an irrelevant offer which has nothing to do with visitors is going to harm your conversion ratio.

No popup is better than a bad popup. At Least your visitors come back.

Enough mistakes.

Let’s re-do your popups with easy tweaks. And boost your conversions with persuasive copywriting techniques.

How to use popups for more leads and sales?

Create an Offer for first-time visitors

I know what you are thinking…

This is so basic advice, to craft an offer for your first-time visitors. Yet we fail to understand this.

Let your visitors know that you are aware they’ve come here for the first time. Keep your copy warm and welcoming.

Customize popups for re-visitors

When you have a re-visitor to your site. Don’t show the same generic popup to them.


Customize your Pop-ups.

You could:

  1. Remind them what they added to cart last time.

  2. If they haven't subscribed to your eCommerce Website, Hook them with the term “Another offer”.

  3. Again, Be welcoming.

Create Scarcity

There is a psychological urge we all have when a product is limited. We want to grab it too. Sometimes even when we don’t need it.

Use scarcity to build urgency in your visitors through your website popups.

Pop ups for Out of Stock Products

Having a customized popup for pages without stock products could persuade your visitors to take action.

Let your website visitors know when the product will be back in stock.

If it's someone new, let them share their email. If it's someone who’s subscribed, ask if they want to be notified.

If you have something amazing going on - tell them

Popups are easy attention grabbers, leverage these sweet things like you use small chunks of time to do your easy tasks.

You are planning to launch a new product? Tell them.

You are planning to give heavy discounts next month? Tell them.

Everyone doesn’t understand your USP nor the pains you are helping them solve. Tell them about it.

Exit Popup

Exit-intent popups are triggered when your visitor is about to leave.

Exit popups work better than the entry popup.

“Wait. What?”

Yes. because your visitor is now familiar with your website, and if you have done right with the website copy, you have built trust.

They are more convinced to fill in the questions.

How do you make most of the exit popups?

  1. Use urgency and don’t let them procrastinate on their interests

  2. Offer them “exclusive coupon code”

  3. Show them offer relevant to the page they’re leaving from

Wrap Up

You could go and make the edits now, or hire a copywriter to make dazzling copies for your eCommerce website Popups.

Also, bear in mind strategically placing multiple popups. Don’t overdo it.

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