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Everything You Should Know About Good Brand Logos

A Logo for a brand is like a face to a person.

It is a symbol that defines your brand, resembling, and reflecting the values of your brand. It creates a symbolic association with your brand.

What do you think when you see the below image?

Is that the one that symbolizes the iPhone?

Tell you the whole story.

How about this image?

You’d like to go on a run right now. Don’t you?

Logos differentiate your brand from all the other businesses. They position your brand differently from all your competitors.

With that said, let's take a look at some jaw-dropping logos ever made.

What are some examples of Good Logo?

It is easy to tell if the dress is good or bad. The same goes with Logo.

Let see examples of some amazing brand logos


Twitter has been amazing with its branding since the beginning, they have positioned themselves as casual and fun to stick around.

A cute birdie.

Notice how they have it well proportioned (More on that later).


Did you notice how the logo represents that Amazon has everything to offer for you?

A to Z.

It also talks about how pleasant they are with a smile in the arrow beneath it,


This adorable logo signifies the best part of the day for thousands of coffee lovers. Ain’t that just a pretty logo.


FedEx stands out with a simple design. The hidden arrow does the magic here.

What makes a good Logo?

Let's talk about the fundamental elements of a kick-ass logo.

It has to be Simple

We see a lot of people who make complicated logo designs and think it is good. They assume it would help them stand out. The best logos you see are the simplest of all.

Keep it Memorable

Your logo has to be memorable, it has to pop up in your audience's head when they hear of you. And, simple things are memorable.

Make it Unique

Just like your brand has a completely different story and a different vibe, your logo should be unique as well.

Do you really think someone else's idea will ever represent the truth and energy of your brand? Make sure you don’t just copy some other design and edit out the colors. That would never help you with the deed.

Make it Innovative

The best logos have something which is never thought of before. The story of the Starbucks logo is pure innovation.

Well proportioned and balanced

This is a little technical. The best logos are well proportioned and well balanced. They have a subtle pleasant aura around them.

Wrap up

A good logo has to be simple, memorable, innovative, unique and well designed.

Moreover, It should reflect your true values.

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