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Noman has been working with me for close to a year.

He's come up with some solid strategies for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Noman has helped me grow my Twitter account from 0 to 7,141 followers in the past year.

Chris Orzechowski, The Email Copywriter
Founder of Orzy Media

Harsh truth I learned working closely with Founders, CEOs, and Coaches

In the previous years of my marketing and copywriting journey, I’ve worked closely with several founders, CEOs, Coaches, Authors and Influencers.

Something I’ve noticed in most of them: They don’t have time

Let me tell you about two of them… I swear I’ll keep it short.


One founder I worked with was probably the best salesman I've ever met. He was EXCELLENT at it. I’ve never met any other salesperson like he was.


But here's the sad part...


No one knew about him. He had to shut down his prime business and build a new business when COVID hit. 


Another person I worked with is a CEO of a B2B SaaS. 


He started as a technical professional and later he managed to start a business and scale his team to 70+ employees.


He leads a company that's a competitor to TCS and Infosys. And some other BIG names in the IT industry.


But People didn't know him.


When he launched his own SaaS startup... He struggled to get customers for it.

These two gentlemen…  They had so much potential, so many stories, and so much to learn from, but NEVER spoke about it. (Kinda like Digital Introvert)


He had so many ideas for the world but didn't have time to express them. 


I remember them saying how hard it gets to manage time to check my emails and make time for small tasks. 


It was almost impossible for them to make time for sharing their journey and thought leadership content.

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